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Do you love reading Horror, Funny, or Love Stories? If yes, the choices mod apk is the best simulation game that gives you the best experience. It is just a matter of making a choice. Enjoy unlimited keys, unlimited diamonds, and free premium choices with our new premium features.
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December 21, 2021
Android 5.0 and Up
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The Choices Mod Apk can be downloaded on any Android phone or tablet. The Mod Apk game is safe to install. No cost is involved in playing this game. This game can be played offline without any problem, and there are no hidden charges. A virus scan has been conducted on this mod application. Additionally, they will be releasing new features each month, so don't worry; you will get the newest updates.



I wanted to be a doctor when I was young. Many other people do the same. Due to family or some other reason, you were unable to become a Lover. People can live a full and fulfilling life with the help of the Choices Stories You Play gives them. Your true life is reflected in the game. In Choices, you don’t have to worry about complex problems. 

They feature a wide range of romances, dramas, horrors, and fantasy stories. Take on the role of a love interest, sharp detective, or time traveler and find out what it’s like. With this game, you can concentrate exclusively on making decisions. Your character will never go hungry, thirsty, or have an issue with their bladder. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the latest version of Choice Mod and start enjoying your dream life in the game!


You won’t be disappointed when you discover Choices. The game is a storytelling experience, so take your time with it. Its constantly changing nature can also be seen in the fact that the environment frequently changes in this genre of games. The player will see a still image on the screen like the pictures while reading the story. As a result, they will gain a deeper understanding of the plot.

When you join a simulator for the first time, you must customize your character for the storyline and the situation. Selecting from the suggested options does not allow you to create the character you wish. This great game offers a captivating storyline as well as fascinating scenarios that you will find fascinating. We do not recommend ignoring it. 

Playing with new characters will allow you to meet new friends. The games we offer cover several topics, such as adventure, thriller, drama, and romance. They can all be played on Android devices. These games will come with free resources, which will be added later. Diamonds and keys, which will unlock premium stories and stories, are available as a bonus in the game.

There are several fascinating stories on StoryChoice – Stories You Play that is updated weekly. In addition to magical stories, romance, fantasy, horror, and even adult tales are included in this collection. Moreover, it is not necessary to read the stories chronologically. If you change your prospects, you will wonder what happens next. In Choices, interactive features are also essential. There is not much to the gameplay. Choosing leads to action, and if the situation changes, you make new choices. As in role-playing games, you may come to different ends depending on the decisions you make earlier. Your next update will be filled with Hangclifs!

Choices Mod Apk Features

Customize your Character

The feature I like most about this game is this. If you are creating a new character on Choices apk for the first time, you will be asked to do so. Customizing your character isn’t difficult. You can choose to enhance your look by adjusting your skin color, your hairstyle, and your face shape. These options are available for every character. Take advantage of this great feature!

Choices Mod Apk Ads Free

Playing the game is extremely enjoyable right now, and It’s the most exciting part of the game for you. All of a sudden, you are interrupted by an advertisement. It is understandable. Just relax, you won’t experience that. This is a hacked version of Choices APK that contains no advertisements.

Quality Graphics

Graphically, it is very impressive. There is incredible detail in the characters and landscapes. Among young ladies and gentlemen without financial worries, you will live a luxurious life. New friends and the possibility of falling in love will be waiting for you here. There are many adult scenes in the game, too. Especially for players under the age of 18, you should consider it before playing the game.

Unlimited Keys and Diamonds

This is the most important feature of mod apks like this one. A key or a diamond is extremely valuable for unlocking any chapter or story. Diamonds are paid for, so if we want to acquire them for free, then we must pay. Each 24-hour period allows us to obtain only five diamonds. In this mode, you can just grab keys and diamonds as you wish. The games you enjoy playing do not require any payment at the moment.

Free Premium Choices

In this game, you can buy stories. Versions with added premium features let you choose whatever you want. Your options are unlimited. Gameplay is not restricted. Playing premium stories costs nothing. In this game, players are free to choose from any premium options. There is no charge for membership. All android devices can download this modified version for free, and it is fully safe and secure.

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Keys
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Ads Free
  • Customize your Character
  • Unlimited Stories

Old Version

If the latest version of the Choices game is not working on your phone or compatible with your current Android version, don’t worry about it. You can download the old version of this game from the below links:

  • choices 2.7.2 mod apk
  • choices 2.6.4 mod apk

Choices Mod Apk FAQ’s

  1. Why am I not getting Unlimited Keys in the Mod Version?

    We have to change key values on the server-side for Choices: Stories You Play since it is a server-based online game. Any game’s server database is beyond reach, as everyone knows. However, the current mod version still gives you unlimited diamonds. There will definitely be unlimited keys in a new mod I’m working on. If you want to get news about that, head over to our Telegram channel.

  2. Can we play a choice game on Mac?

    Choose: Stories You Play is one of the best simulation games developed by Pixelberry. For an immersive playing experience on PCs and Macs, use the BlueStacks app player. Install the BlueStacks emulator on a Mac and start playing the Choices game.

Final Verdict

The best storytelling app for my smartphone is Choices: Stories You Play. The stories are all adventures that you play as the hero. Stories with a happy ending, stories that tell of love, horror, and sadness. Choosing the right story is the key. In this game, you can tell your own tale. So let’s download the Choices Mod Apk right now for free!

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