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Is it your dream to be the boss of the universe by playing action shooting and sniper games? Dead Trigger Mod Apk is the best choice if yes. Get ready to survive the zombie apocalypse by playing the thrilling first-person shooter. So what are you thinking? Let's download this game right now for free and start fighting with zombies!
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December 9, 2021
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Shooting gameplay distinguishes DEAD TRIGGER. It is always possible to be in danger, zombies will always appear, and you may need a few moments of rest after a long fight. It is one of the favorite games among many players, thanks to its graphics and appealing gameplay. Furthermore, this game is updated daily, and numerous new weapons are added for your enjoyment. Interested? Take a look at this free game now!



What does the worst battle of your life have in store for you? Become a brave hero, armed with expert gun skills, and enter the dangerous world of DEAD TRIGGER. Use your precise shooting skills to eliminate zombies. Keep the hope of reviving the world alive by completing all assigned missions. Our beautiful world is far from being over. Developed by MADFINGER Games, DEAD TRIGGER has proved very successful for the developer. Hundreds of millions of downloads have been made since its launch. Players are attracted to the high-quality graphics. Additionally, the design team pays attention to details with care and meticulousness. Smart and diverse user interfaces and service systems are developed.

The 3D graphics of DEAD TRIGGER will provide players with an immersive experience. Providing players with realistic and extremely sharp images is necessary to attract them to the game. The authenticity of the imagery that this game offers allows players to experience many different emotions throughout the experience. The publisher’s goal is to provide players with a sense of harmony in the game world with every detail and every imperfection. Its guns are beautifully rendered and have eye-catching graphics, taking inspiration from zombies.


This first-person shooter combines a first-person perspective and role-playing, horror, and survival elements. In a wide-open environment, you can act and move however you like. Thus, you can decide how you want to take down the fierce zombies. The brain is what makes a zombie different from a human. Yes, there is no thinking or strategy in a zombie. Baiting them to a specific location with bombs and explosives can be a good way to kill them. But you will mostly face zombies in the city center. Your concentration and preparedness will be crucial. No one can predict what is waiting at the end of the road.

Various in-game options are available to the player, such as accessing the shop, casino, and arena or choosing missions from the map screen. Numerous generic and narrative missions are always available. In addition, players can play daily bonus missions to earn small gold bonuses. Both gold and cash are available in Dead Trigger Mod Apk. Players earn cash by dismembering zombies, collecting cash briefcases, and completing objectives in each mission. Every day, a small amount of gold is awarded to the player for completing their bonus mission.

People love playing shooting and survival games, so these games are popular. Dead Target is the best zombie game to try today if you’re someone who enjoys playing them. Here you can battle zombies of various types in a wide variety of locations! Over 50 different guns are currently available to you in this game. There are many different types of guns, including Bren, Lewis, Minigun, Crossbow, Brain-Mill, Grenade Launchers, Winchesters, and Enfield 303s. You can choose from many types of weapons, from pistols to shotguns to sniper rifles.

A mutant virus escaped from the lab, resulting in complete chaos in the world. There is a vast majority of bloodthirsty zombies in the world. Their only objective is to infect and attack people. However, the situation is far from over since there are survivors. In order to defend the last bastion of humanity, they will stand together. As one of them, you are of exceptional value. Complete the tasks at hand as quickly as possible. Destroy any zombie that gets in your way.

Dead Trigger Mod Apk Features

Graphics and Sound Effects

The developer of Dead Trigger Mod Apk has carefully designed the 3D graphics to ensure that the game provides a realistic experience for players through carefully crafted details. Guns are designed to replicate real-world weapons, so making use of them is fun for players. A very realistic effect is achieved when throwing bombs or firing guns when the sound quality of the music is good.

Different Items

Using enhancement items can help you if you find the level too challenging. Increase your weapon’s damage with the first enhancement item. When you use it, your weapon will deal more damage. A medical kit is also included. When you take too much damage, you can quickly restore your HP. You can also boost your money collection in-game. You can also kill zombies quickly by slowing time with a fourth item. Lastly, enlarging the zombie’s head makes it easier for the zombie to be hit.

Upgrade Time to Time

Always have enhancement items at the ready when starting a new level. This new level will definitely present you with a greater challenge than calls for more powerful weapons. In order to enhance your ability to damage effectively, you must upgrade your weapons in time before starting your new task. To help you recover quickly during the battle, you must also provide your medical staff with a first aid kit. A slowing time clock is especially important on your journey to collect money. They will enable you to defeat zombies more effectively. Using these items correctly will have a greater chance of winning.

Differentiate the Tycoons

There are three kinds of zombies in Dead Trigger Mod Apk, each possessing its own ability. Casting spells for evil elves or throwing gifts at you are both possible for him. Additionally, the thick skin of the Hulk Zombies makes them remarkably resistant to damage. If you get too close to a police zombie, they will use their batons to deliver painful blows. Many more zombie types will appear with each subsequent level, each with its own weaknesses and strengths. To win, you have to figure out what will kill them.

Tons of Levels and Locations

In this game, you can enjoy a wide variety of levels and areas. Despite the fact that you cannot leave your site as you wish, there are plenty of zombies here for you to fight. When you play this game, you can be assured of getting into some amazing fights. Throughout the day, you can watch the intense battles at subway stations, roads, bridges, and a variety of other locations.

Upgrade your Team

You do not need to enhance your weapons to succeed in Dead Trigger Mod Apk. If you want to maximize your team’s strengths, it’s imperative to upgrade them in the proper order. Prior to upgrading your gunsmith, upgrade the tech guy. You will be able to boost your initial weapons once these two characters have the required capabilities. Your team will be solid and sustainable as a result of the above steps.

Tons of Challenges

Various tasks must be completed across countless locations in the city so that the world’s population can be saved from this zombie apocalypse. The streets offer many risks, some of which are deadly. Despite their appearance, zombies can take on new forms and pose a new danger to you. Eventually, you will be facing very fast and deadly zombies. To react effectively and defend yourself, you must possess powerful weapons.

Mod Features

  • All Weapons Unlocked
  • All Levels Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Free to Download
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Latest Version
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Free Shopping

Old Version

If you want to download the old version of this game, then it’s the best place for you. You can use the links below to get the old version. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the old version right now for free:

  • Dead Trigger Mod Apk v1.8.2
  • Dead Trigger Mod Apk v1.9.0
  • Dead Trigger Mod Apk v2.0.1

Dead Trigger Mod Apk FAQ’s

  1. Who created the Dead Trigger game?

    Madfinger Games is the zombie survival horror video game Dead Trigger developer and publisher. Available on iOS and Android, it was developed and published by Madfinger Games in 2012. The single-player mode is available. Micah Nathan wrote it.

  2. How do you play multiplayer in a Dead Trigger Mod Apk game?

    Because Dead Trigger 2 isn’t built to support multiplayer gameplay, it does not provide a proper multiplayer experience. The new Shadowgun War Games can be played along with Unkilled and Shadowgun Legends.

Final Verdict

Beautiful details are present in this game, where the player is able to experience a wide range of emotions and still remain in character. Those who want to feel better than everyone else will not be disappointed by the game. So download the latest version of Dead Trigger Mod Apk and start enjoying your free time happily by killing zombies. 

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