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Is Episode Choose Your Story a game where you can get Unlimited Gems and Passes? It is, so you're going to love Episode Mod Apk. You can now make impactful choices by customizing your character using unlimited gems. Among the top simulation games with plenty of interactive visual stories, Episode Choose Your Story is one of the best. With this amazing Simulation game, you are given the option of designing your own character and choosing a story to experience. So that your character can easily interact with stories, you need to choose the character's path wisely.
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Episode Interactive
December 10, 2021
Android 7.0 and up
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The new version gives you many more exciting features that keep you happy all the time. The developer also tries to fix all the bugs and errors that the users report. Now you are going to get a better gaming experience. Moreover, the graphics of this game and gaming performance improved, which keeps you happy all the time. So what are you waiting for? Let's download this best game right now for free!



Thousands of possible endings exist in the game, and billions of stories have been written. Fantasy romance games have become a major online phenomenon. You can write a romantic story, and millions can read it as well. A talent you didn’t know even existed could be revealed to you. In this episode, you will be able to experience touching stories, humorous ones, and tragic ones. By becoming the main character of your favorite story, you can experience the story from the inside out. Create relationships with the characters, and end the story on a satisfying note. 

More than a million people have read this game. The book contains a lot of stories where you can describe your own story in any way you want. The graphics are extremely detailed and high resolution, which makes this game very interesting. Users will enjoy the realistic visual effects of this game. Outfits can be customized to fit your personal style. Create relationships with the characters you like. Start your dream relationship with your true love. Playing it requires you to be clever since your actions will determine what happens next.


There are now over one million love stories available for you to choose from, along with stylish outfits and trendy accessories. No matter your relationship status, everyone can enjoy the Episode Choose Your Story. This game will definitely assist you in overcoming your current state of mind if you belong to one of those people, as it is full of fascinating stories and charming characters who listen to you all the time. Adding various accessories to your character is the first thing you should do. There are, however, many that are locked. Paying genuine cash for them in a game store will allow you to use them.

If you choose the right currencies and maintain them heavily, you can progress faster than anyone else. The currency is the most important aspect of the game since it affects every aspect. As a beginner, you will not be able to play the stories on the homepage. Therefore, the community portion should always be used at the beginning of each episode. You can unlock many premium items only with in-app purchases or gems, but there are a lot of premium items in the game.

Each Episode has a description and an appropriate answer. The user has to read them and find them. The application allows the user to pick their own story and change their character. A user may select any one of the many stories according to their liking and then choose a character according to their wishes. Users will be required to focus on a particular plot in the application. It will also include their details since they are a character in the game. As a user, you will encounter problems and have to consider different scenarios before selecting an option and moving forward. Users will be able to select between two choices given to them, and their outcome will not be predetermined. Specifically, Episode mod apk requires permission from the user to function properly.

Episode Mod Apk Features

Episode Mod Apk Unlimited Gems and Passes

An avatar’s apparel and assets are purchased with gems in Episode. Earning gems is difficult because you have to watch so many videos, which is time-consuming and takes a lot of data. If you are a loyal player who enjoys reading stories, you will find that passes are essential to the Episode experience. We have a limited number of passes for the story that cost more. You would get unlimited gems and unlimited passes if you downloaded Episode Mod Apk.

Responsible Decision

You are given multiple choices in each Episode that determine the next course of events. Sometimes, these choices come at a cost. The option to pay for a premium package is available. However, you will usually have to pay more for such items, but you will find some unique items. You are faced with difficult choices during Choose Your Story, a kind of dilemma. The ending depends on your decisions. Consequently, if the ending of the story does not appeal to you, you can play the same story again to discover all possible endings.


In the episode, players are pleasantly surprised by the graphics. In the game, these details become even more vivid and interesting. Despite the cartoonish nature of the characters, the game shows them relatively successfully. This allows players to immediately understand their story. In general, the game has amazing graphics. The first time you play the game, you will be satisfied.

Access to New Episode

In this game, you can choose from over 150K stories. Many stories are available in different genres, including romance, comedy, and many others. You will receive new episodes of any story you choose in the game once you choose it. Like any online series, the story is divided into several episodes and seasons.

Premium Choices Unlocked

If you own a premium character, you are more likely to earn followers and be attractive to beautiful ladies. In most cases, we have to pay in order to access these premium choices. The mod allows you to pick any premium choice for free, so there is no need to worry.


As we discussed in the introduction, you can customize your character completely in Episode Mod Apk. Basically, you can customize your character to your liking. As long as you wear a crown, you can look like a princess or a fairy tale character. You can change clothes, shoes and apply makeup. The user has to decide which getup he or she wants to use.

Free Purchases

The free version lacks access to certain premium features and functions. They can be purchased separately. Our mod version will help you to buy everything for free if you do not wish to spend your money.

Easy Interface

An elegant interface has been created for this application by the developer. Thus, this application does not require a tutorial. Navigation is clear in every part of this application, and it aids users in exploring it properly by taking them to the appropriate sections. As a result, you can easily use this application, no matter how experienced or new you are.

Create your Own Character

You must create your character before starting the adventure. Utilize the extensive customization system to create a look and outfit for your character. Almost everything can be changed: hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors, eye shapes, eye colors, nose shapes. Create a character that is as similar to you as possible or one that is based on your favorite TV show or fairy tale. Make friends, romances, or hostilities based on your choices and the decisions you make. You will find various stories and situations in the Episode Choose Your Story game.

Mod Features

  • Premium Choices Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Passes and Diamonds
  • No Ads
  • Free to Download
  • All Unlocked

Old Version

If you want to download the old version of this game, I recommend you check the links below. Sometimes the new version of the game is not working or comes with any bugs; that’s why people are looking for the old version, which is bug-free. If you are one of them, then check out the links given below:

  • Episode Mod Apk v15.40
  • Episode Mod Apk v15.20
  • Episode Mod Apk v14.41

Episode Mod Apk FAQ’s

  1. Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

    You can use Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk safely on any Android device. Our professional team tests all mod applications and premium antiviruses like AVG, Norton, and many others before releasing them on our website. Thus, you are assured your privacy and security will not be compromised.

  2. Can I play this game offline?

    The Episode team has provided a detailed guide regarding offline gameplay to those interested in playing Episode Choose Your Story offline.

Final Verdict

Aside from its outstanding features, Episode Mod Apk was not inferior to the games of the traditional simulation genre. The game has been installed more than 50,000,000 times on Google Play and continues to grow. Mobile games with this kind of popularity are impressive. Download it now! Get started by downloading the game from the link below and starting playing as soon as possible.

Moreover, if you have any issues regarding this game or want to ask something, leave a comment below. We love to help you all the time. Thank You!


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