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Would you like to access every premium FaceApp feature with a mod apk? I'm here to share the Faceapp Pro Apk with you today, so you've come to the right place. As we know, FaceApp does neural transformation on photos uploaded to its app using FaceApp AI. There is a premium membership required to access most of the pro features.
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November 8, 2021
Android 6.0 and up
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What's new

The new version offers many new features. The developer added many new things like new effects, layouts, filters, which take your photos to the next level. Along with that, now it's free from permission. Now you can nearly select any photos and videos easily. Moreover, they fixed the landing issue of the Camera on Android 11 and Android 12 devices. So what are you waiting for? Let's download this best photography application right now for free from our website. 



It’s fun to use FaceApp PRO mod APK. There are a lot of things you can do with it, including editing faces, selfies, and backgrounds. The app makes you appear older than you are due to its feature of making you look younger. Self-portraits of older people quickly gained popularity thanks to people sharing them with their friends. These days, many people don’t share these kinds of photos so much, but FaceApp PRO Mod APK still allows you to do this. We’ll see what the app can do more in-depth below.

Taking a picture of a woman and swapping her face with a man would be a fun activity. Looking young would be interesting, and you would also change your style. This app allows you to enjoy your photo instead of enhancing it as traditional programs do. So what are you waiting for? Let’s download this top-notch app right now for free!


The FaceApp app can turn a selfie into a creative masterpiece in just a few taps. When the user is able to make their appearance completely different, he or she can transform into another person or self, brighter, more confident. Artificial intelligence is a system that recognizes faces. It was made by FaceApp. One of the most sophisticated photo editing techniques, according to advanced technology users. FaceApp AI will enhance your selfie, so you can take better selfies or just have fun. This application’s development is largely determined by these two factors.

This application was created by a Russian company called Wireless Lab and is an application for Android and iOS mobile phones. In January 2017, the program was released. This program uses Artificial Intelligence to change your face. The program can automatically change your appearance. You can see yourself as either young or old. The app can also take your picture and obtain this information.

Changing your emotions, looking younger or older, changing your gender, and adding pictures to your profile are all possible. Along with that, you can also share your photos on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. The application gives users a wide range of options for transformation despite its simplicity. The original picture is transformed into something uniquely unique by using artificial intelligence. In other words, this application has more to offer than just editing your pictures; it is also a source of endless entertainment.

This application differs from similar products due to its unique functionality. You’re going to see a great deal of difference between your phone pictures and the originals since these features are present. You’ll laugh more than you’ll shed tears. Along with seeing things that are impossible to achieve in real life, users can also undergo experiences that can be impossible in real life.

Change in ages can be a sophisticated tool, similar to gender-swapping. If you live for 30 years or more, you may well become your future self. You want to become even more prominent in society by establishing yourself as an authentic self. You can also go back to the decade you grew up in and regret your youth.

Faceapp Pro Apk Features

Change your Gender

It is easy to make a funny selfie photo just by following a few steps. This isn’t the same as changing your age. Old is a feature that turns faces into old people that many of FaceApp’s users love. Apps like this one don’t have a lot of popularity since they don’t offer realistic, detailed photos.

Hair Color Unlocked

Do you want to change your hair color without anyone noticing? Are you not satisfied with your hair color? We have the solution for you. Choosing your hair color for your selfie is as simple as selecting and applying. It simply depends on the shape and complexion of your face.

Beard & Mustache

In the modern world, boys are increasingly growing mustaches and beards. Yet what about people without mustaches or beards? Personally, I don’t have a mustache. Nonetheless, I do not mind since I use FaceApp MOD APK to create stylish beards. This is a simple process. So download it right now and start enjoying your free time.

Different Filters

It is possible to apply a wide range of filters and features in FaceApp. An ordinary photo can be made humorous simply by adding a cute smile. Also, you can change the gender of the person by adding a cute smile. The photo you selected in the photo gallery can be saved or shared after it has been selected. Sending funny photos to friends and relatives is a great way to share fun times.

Best Selfie Camera

FaceApp PRO Mod APK has a selfie camera since it focuses so much on your face, doesn’t it? Obviously. Take incredible selfies, then edit them afterward to your heart’s content! So you can take the best selfies and look great every time; there is an array of different selfie modes to choose from.

Best Editor

You can change the background of the picture and many other things like adding new effects, emojis, different layers changing the colors, and many more. The clear background actually makes a huge difference to your profile picture – or CV, if you’re taking a picture of yourself. Have a go.


You want to have a good night’s sleep or to wake up early in the morning. With the help of FaceApp Pro APK MakeUp, it is now possible to click Party Ready Pictures even without doing any makeup. FaceApp’s feature gives users a realistic appearance, so it is very popular among users. Thousands of girls from around the world are sharing their pictures on social media and are addicted to this feature.

Mod Features

  • All Filters Unlocked
  • Unlimited FIlters
  • Ads Free Experience
  • Full Unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • All Fun Effects Unlocked
  • Different Types of Layouts

Old Version

Are you looking for the old version of this app which is free from any kind of virus and malware, so you have landed on the correct page? In this article, I am sharing both the latest version and the old version of the app without sharing a single penny. Check out the links given below:

  • Faceapp Pro Apk v3.4.14
  • Faceapp Pro Apk v4.5.0.9
  •  Faceapp Pro Apk v5.0.0

Faceapp Pro Apk FAQ’s

  1. How does a FaceApp application make money?

    99 percent of FaceApp's revenue comes from subscriptions. After publishing on Google PlayStore and AppStore, 1% of the income is from the Google Admob ads. They discussed this in their latest interview.

  2. Is FaceApp a Chinese app?

    Developed by Wireless Lab, a Russian company, FaceApp is an iOS and Android photo and video editing application. Using neural networks based on artificial intelligence, the app creates highly realistic face transformations in photos. So what are you waiting for? Download this app for both iOS and Android Devices from our website within a few clicks. If you get any issues while downloading, leave a comment below.

  3. Does the FaceApp application steal data?

    Apparently, Amazon and Google handle photo storage, and FaceApp does not receive any user data. It may be possible in the future to add data monitoring to FaceApp under its terms of service. So don't worry; your personal data is completely safe. Moreover, the mod version of this app is 100% free from any virus. Our team already tested this application from the VirusTotal website before uploading it to our server.

Final Verdict

As Facebook’s users increase, the app is continually improving. It’s our goal to make the best possible experience for you. This photo editing app is free and available for iOS and Android. Our FaceApp Pro Apk can be downloaded via the link below this article if you would like to have access to the extended features for $ 3.99 a month. Moreover, if you have an issue with this app or want to ask something, leave a comment below. Thank You!


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