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You can access all of Reface's premium features without spending a penny by using its smart face detection. Fortunately, Reface Pro Apk can help you unlock them for free. By swapping your friends' faces with any Hollywood celebrity or funny character, you will be able to amuse your friends.
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November 15, 2021
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There is no charge for REFACE. In addition to being free of ads, this version has some features that the other version does not. Videos can only be stored in one library. In its Pro pack, NEOCORTEXT recommends its users. Video and gif premiums are yours to watch, and you can store them as many times as you like in your gallery or favorite folder. Along with that, you're going to get many new features on every update. So don't worry, you're gonna love it!



REFACE is a photo editing application. Easily edit photos, stitch images together. You’ll never look back after using REFACE. You’ll never be the same. Face famous people and become them. Create a face transplant by using a photo and the most realistic effect available. Videos of singers, actors, and other characters can be found on the site. Look at their pictures and videos to see if you look like them. Share your picture with your friends. Various uses can be found for it.

NEOCORTEXT released REFACE Pro, an app for face swapping photographs. Face swapping has become a trend on social networking sites. Our only recommendation is to use REFACE Pro if you don’t want it to be outdated. By taking just one selfie, you can instantly make your face look like the face of a famous person. Young people have become enamored with this application. At present, there are more than 1 million apps installed on Google Play. Let’s see what REFACE Pro has to offer.


Reface has functional tabs you can access in its interface, each with its own feature. The right side of the screen includes a feature that allows you to upload faces and insert them into videos. You can see a list of your GIFs stored during use on the side. On the home page, you’ll also find a GIF finder. The videos that have been prepared ahead of time can be found on the home page.

The Reface Pro Apk lets you change the appearance of a character to create a totally new character. Then you’ll be a huge star, loved by everybody. Create custom photos by combining gifs, videos, and more. You can make many different images from a single photo. Using photo editing techniques, you can alter your appearance. The REFACE application will transform you into unique versions of yourself. Using existing videos, you can edit your face with REFACE.

You can use this application to make realistic face swap videos and gifs of just one selfie. Your selfie will be morphed and swapped with a celebrity’s face. In popular television or movie clips, you can become a different person. Whatever you want: you can be a pop star, an actor, a wizard, or any other goal you set for yourself. It uses the Ai technology in order to create a realistic video for you. 

Before you begin with Reface, you must choose a face for yourself first. Clicking the corresponding function button on the right allows you to post a photo. It is easier for AI to recognize people when their faces or images are clearly visible. The AI will appear as an additional option when the face is clear. 

All things fun have always been appealing to humans. It has been human nature to improve their mood and live more enjoyable lives since ancient times. Nowadays, the advancement of technology makes it almost impossible not to have fun. Pictures today can be edited to make anyone look good. Using Reface Mod Apk, you can manipulate photos without having any knowledge of Photoshop. If you choose to edit your face on a second photo, first take a selfie or upload a picture.

There are a variety of video formats that can be created and shared across different platforms or converted to other formats. A GIF can also be converted to another format. When created and shared by you, GIFs provide a wealth of features, and they are ideal for creating fun-filled memes. This Reface Pro Apk app can help you accomplish a lot.

Reface Pro Apk Features

Theme Video

There are a variety of videos available on the app’s home page. Each video is clearly categorized, making searching and selecting easy. Many famous celebrities are featured in the video. Dress up like them and try on their clothes and hairstyles. The Tenor gif can also be used to change your Looks. Simply choose a video that interests you, and you’ll become another version of yourself.

Change Faces to Gifs

Your videos will not only be funny if you use this face. Additionally, you can switch from GIF to face easily. Create animated GIFs using Reface Pro Apk without paying a single amount of money. It works just like a video but doesn’t have any sound. We can take funny moments and edit them to post on the web or use them in our daily lives. AI GIF maker comes with powerful editing tools and is extremely easy to use.

Premium Features and Unlimited Library Space

The Reface application is a freemium service that offers free and paid features. Additional features of the premium subscription include unlimited access, priority processing, and no watermark. You will have limited storage space for your edited videos while using the free version of Reface photo editing app, but once you upgrade to the premium version, you will have unlimited storage space.

Photo Editing Mode

With Deep Fake, it is possible to create realistic-looking photos. Your photos will be more rigid with technology. Your photos will possess a wide variety of character expressions. Develop editing skills that will make your photos unique and exotic. You will not be disappointed by Reface Pro Apk. Let you transform into famous people and change your face. Follow the latest trends with daily videos.

Create Memes

Reface Pro makes it easy to make a personalized meme! To make funny memes, you once had to master Photoshop. Due to the ease of use of this app, you do now have the ability to do it yourself. It is easy to make a meme with your picture, just upload it and choose a caption! It is possible to guess celebrities using photographs.

Analyze your Face

Using the most accurate analysis of your photo, Reface Pro Apk can create the most realistic version of your image. Replace another person’s face with your own. Taking beautiful photos is now more accessible thanks to modern tools. Make a futuristic video with a dark background. You can instantly take photos this way. This will save you time in post-processing. REFACE offers a great experience for the end-user.

Mod Features

  • Premium Unlocked
  • All Filters Unlocked
  • Free to Download
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Space
  • Live Face Swaps
  • Easy to Use Interface

Old Version

If you are looking for the old version of Reface App, then you come to the right place. The old version of any app is 100% free from any bugs and errors that give the user the best explanation. Check out the links given below and download them within a single click:

  • Reface Pro Apk v1.0.23
  • Reface Pro Apk v1.5.0
  • Reface Pro Apk v1.0.24

Reface Pro Apk Faqs

  1. How much Does Reface Pro Cost?

    Users will have a significantly better app experience with the Reface paid subscription than with its free counterpart. The Pro version of the application can be purchased using three different payment plans: USD 2.49 for one week, USD 8.95 for three weeks, and USD 13.49 for six weeks. A monthly subscription costs USD 3.99.

  2. Is Reface App Worth Trying?

    Reface is a free app that is definitely worth checking out. There have been well over one million reviews published by app users of Reface on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS), with 4.7/5 stars on both stores.

  3. How to get Premium features in the Reface app for free?

    If you don’t want to send your money to the application, then you need to download the mod version. The mod version of Reface app offers you Unlimited Space, Filters Unlocked, Unlimited Access, No Ads, and many premium features for free. The ads-free experience takes your editing to the next level.

Final Verdict

Transform your face into funny pictures. Make funny faces using your pictures. You will be surprised at the results of REFACE. No longer will you have to visualize how celebrities look on your face. Become a face swap master by downloading Reface Pro Apk. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are available for sharing custom memes with Reface Pro! Make people laugh by sharing funny memes! If you’re facing any issues, let us know via the comment section. Thanks!



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