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Thousands of games are developed every year by game developers. Our post today will cover a game like Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk. It's not like the other Zombies game which you are playing these days. So Without wasting more time, let's download this game right now for free!
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4.4/5 Votes: 6,022,707
Mobigame S.A.R.L.
November 26, 2021
Android 4.4 and up
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In the latest version of this game, they improved a lot of things. All of the bugs and errors which are reported by the users are fixed by the developer so don't worry about it. Moreover, in this version you will get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds and Unlimited Gold too that you can use to buy the premium items from the store. Whenever you play a game with friends, you're likely to have more fun because the games are different levels of fun. This game has been enhanced with a wealth of bonuses that will add to the excitement for players. Ninjas, UFOs in ten colors, and many more bonuses are part of the game.



The endless running game accompanied by hilarious monsters is the reason players love Zombie Tsunami. Mobigame knows exactly what it takes to stand out in a one-player mode. Depending on how many monsters sweep the city, you need to control them. If you don’t take care, a Zombie Tsunami can become difficult, as you may run into many pitfalls, decreasing the number of your soldiers. Getting more points is a great advantage at each stage since the level increases automatically. Moreover, you can play this game on your iOS, Android, and PC too because it’s compatible with all these devices.

You must think like a zombie if you want to survive the Zombie Tsunami. However, zombies are incapable of thinking, so it’s a very simple game. It lets you destroy everything you see as you rampage through the city. The entire universe will also be turned into zombies if you eat everyone you see.


You will be able to complete the game’s thrilling missions in no time at all. The type of mission and the level of difficulty vary considerably. You will find that the essence of any task is expressed in many different ways when you finish it. The larger the amount of money you receive, the more you will appear in these experiment jars. It’s an entirely different game altogether. The users are zombies, and they must act as if they are zombies. Humanity has to be wiped from the planet by eating all other humans. Doesn’t that sound terrifying?

Subway Surf, for example, gives you a completely different experience than endless running games. In order to create a desire in players, Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk needs to create excitement. You might not always get the same results in the game you mastered in the beginning, but the results won’t always stay the same. As you progress in the game, you are faced with greater challenges. It is common to all endless running modes to honor rushers. For the players to avoid being suppressed, it is essential they adapt.

In the game, zombies have taken over major cities around the world. By eating meat and turning humans into zombies, you’re trying to make as many people as you can. With enough money, you can start with a maximum of three, four, or five zombies. You will be able to create an army of zombies as you eat more people. The modified version of zombie tsunami no longer has any restrictions. With the standard version, you won’t be able to unlock features such as powers or new characters like there are in the premium version. 

Your monsters will take down nearly any vehicle the more powerful they are. Overwhelming situations can also lead to losses when you control too many zombies. We wish to turn all residents into zombies with our zombie game, Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk. It can be hard to make moves during troop development, notably when speed increases quickly. Surviving requires dedication. Is it possible to hold out for a long time?

Mobigame has developed this 4.4/5 rating game that has been downloaded millions of times. The users never get bored playing this incredible game due to its varied difficulty levels. In addition, it is very easy to play thanks to its simple controls. Due to its multilingual capabilities, the game can be played by players from around the world. It is extremely different and unique and must be downloaded by all users.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk Features

Collect Different Items

Collecting all of the items in this game will give your zombie more power. The longer the zombie’s eating chain gets, the more powerful they become. No matter what they come across, not only can they destroy hard objects but also humans in a single action. It is because of these things that boost their abilities that people are using the zombie tsunami mod apk so much.

Transfer Zombies

There are not only more exciting options to choose from as far as keeping the zombies as their original avatars is concerned. As you play the game, you’ll be able to transform your zombies into ninjas, Flying Dragon, etc. You can use this to make a barrier against humans. Your victory will be assured, as they will be incapable of escaping.

Unlimited Money

If you want to unlock new characters or items from the store, then you need to spend your hard earned money. But this option is not suitable for most people. Because they don’t like to spend their money on the game but want to enjoy its premium features. For this reason, I recommend you to Download the Mod version of this game which offers you Unlimited Money for free. Later on you can use this money to buy everything for free.

Different Tasks

Zombie Tsunami has more than 300 types of interactive tasks and adventures for every gamer to enjoy. Zombies who don’t mind brutality will enjoy this version of zombie tsunami. While the game is fairly straightforward at first, it becomes increasingly challenging as you progress. Its beauty lies in its addictive nature, and that’s what makes it so enjoyable. 

Decorate your Zombie

Many different and interesting costumes can be used to decorate a zombie legion costume. A sense of play and entertainment can be created by having funny and adorable zombies and their emojis. Characters’ appearances can be altered by wearing different clothes, hats, shoes, backpacks, and changing their skin color. Explore the world and find out more.

Different Choices

You play a hero in various zombie games, and you slay zombies. You’ll gain a new perspective through playing this game. Rather than saving, you will be the one to destroy in this game. Prior to the attack, the Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk will transform you into a zombie. It’s your mission to wipe out humanity by destroying everything and turning everything into dangerous zombies.

Unlock all of your Pets

Furthermore, you can raise pets by purchasing eggs whenever you play Zombie Tsunami. You can use them to gain more gold and find more players. Each has a different level. But don’t worry with this mod, you will get everything in the game for free.

Mod Features

  • Unlock All Items
  • Max Level
  • Ads free Experience
  • Unlimited Money
  • Fully Unlocked
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Characters Unlocked 

Old Version

If you’re looking for the old version of this game, then you come to the right place. In this article, I am sharing both Old and New Versions of the game. For some people the old version is best and for some the latest version is best. So now it’s up to you which ones you need to download:

  • Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk v3.6.4
  • Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk v4.3.1
  • Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk v4.1.5

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk FAQ’s

  1. How to get diamonds in a zombie tsunami game?

    By completing daily challenges and special events, you can earn diamonds, which are rarer than coins. Click the bottom of your screen to view your diamonds. Zombirds are bought from it, vials are filled, zombirds are fused, etc.

  2. What is a horde in a Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk game?

    Zombie Tsunami is a game that takes about 30 minutes to play with 3 to 6 players. Under the leadership of each of the players, zombies invade the city. Third round ends with the winner being declared as the one with the most zombies. Collaboration, bluffing, and sometimes betrayal are necessary to win this game.

Final Verdict

As of now, in Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk you can play more than 300 missions. Shaking equipment during an earthquake is quite an interesting challenge. It isn’t too complicated, but the games are still quite entertaining. You can use it without worrying about the configuration of your phone because it has simple graphics that are compatible with any device. So download this game right now and start enjoying your free time happily with your friends. If you get any issue, don’t forget to let us know via the comment section. Thank You!

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